Noviscient Solutions


Noviscient Solutions started in 2016 as the technology arm of Noviscient. We are a team of finance professionals and developers dedicated to creating products that help to improve running investment management. Our core product provides access to the latest datasets and analytics, which will help with finding new insights, and approach signal discovery and risk management from a different perspective.


Novihub brings data management and usage into the new era. Instead of trying to make use of different datasets from each provider separately, Novihub allows you to search, display and manipulate every dataset through one single interface. The platform provides a dashboard interface for novice users. Technical users are able to make use of the platform through our Python notebook environment. We have an API available for more advanced users, which allows financial institutions to query over hundreds of datasets with a single connection. Larger institutions with their own proprietary datasets can use our data adaptor to plugin and map their datasets.

Currently our platform is customized in order to tend each client's unique requirements and we work with clients as follows:

Consult & Identify

We start by understanding your investment process and the market you operate in, which will help to identify what data sources can be helpful and how this can be implemented into your processes.  

Build & Customize

After identifying the data requirements we build and customize the platform according to the agreed specifications.In this stage we add the required data to our API and we build the relevant dashboards for the users to get started.


In order to get the most out of our platform we believe in upgrading the skills of our users. This means that we will provide Python training in order for users to work in the notebook environment. Our Python training covers: – Introduction to Python – Financial Modeling – Machine Learning We also offer more bespoke courses at request.  

Why Novihub?

We believe that using alternative and new data should be part of the operations of every modern investment manager, yet at the same time it shouldn't only be data scientists or quants that can gain insights from this. Therefore we build our platform in a way that can cater to every investment management professional.
Portfolio Managers

We aim to present data in an easy to digest manner and users are able to access data in dashboard format through running search queries on securities and companies.


Researchers are able to take it a step further through our notebook environment which allows users to perform calculations through scripting in Python. To make it easy to start we provide a library of Python scripts that are ready to use and can be build on further. Users who are not familiar with Python are provided with training to get them  up to speed. 


Besides our notebook environment, we help quants and data scientists to save time and effort by normalizing and mapping the data before it's made available through the API. And we help users to source for and add additional data on the platform, which are made available through the same API.

Besides our core products we love experimenting with the latest technologies in the areas of cloud computing, machine learning and interface design as we believe that there is always room for doing things better. If you have any part in your operations that can benefit from a technology upgrade, let’s talk.