Why Noviscient Solutions?

Active investment management has been under pressure for the last couple of years due to weak performance and the rise of lower cost investment options like passive funds, ETFs and funds with a more quantitave approach. For investment managers to survive and thrive they need to show performance. This has become harder over the years as there is more competition and the tools that traditional investment managers have been using haven't changed much over the last 30 years.


We believe that investment management is pure information processing and therefore the key to performance is to leverage new data and technologies. However, it is not easy for everyone to get started as non-traditional data comes in different formats, sizes and speeds. Further, technologies like machine learning are not something you can pick up in a week. We aim to solve this by providing a central platform where you can explore different datasets, analytics, machine learning approaches and visualization. 

What we provide


We believe that everyone within an organization should have access to alternative data and machine learning, regardless of whether you're a data scientist, equities analyst or portfolio manager. Therefore Novihub has been designed as a collaboration platform with dashboards for visualization and insights, and a notebook interface for quantitative research.


We start our journey by sourcing new datasets and testing whether we can find any signals. Useful datasets that pass our tests are added to our platform, where we clean and map the data. In case you don't know which datasets might be relevant for your investment process, we are happy to advise based on your investment universe.

Machine Learning

In order to analyse alternative data we provide a machine learning module with a library of calibrated machine learning models, which helps to speed up the process. Our platform allows analysts to further customize analytics and machine learning libraries through the Python notebook interface, and to visualize outcomes through the dashboard module.




Find predictive value in data for your investment universe
Unearth what part of your data has predictive value
Test the performance of your universe against the dataset
Test the performance of datasets against different periods
Create strategies against the data